free@last differs from what may be considered as the traditional charity model, as we are passionate about creating our own sustainable income from businesses that we run. Currently we have two business, (Freax Adventures and The Family Fun Zone) that are run purposefully to create an income to fund the work done by free@last. This is not to say that we don’t need donations, but that we don’t solely rely on them and aim to generate the income needed to fund all our staffing from the business profit we earn.

Generating the £30,000 per month, that we need to run the charity, covers a wide variety of costs – from Christmas presents to youth trips, utilities to salaries – and all these costs need to be covered. Just image, if 3,000 gave us £10 per month we would have all our costs covered and be able to seriously change the lives of those we serve.

How you can help

Could you be one of the 3,000? could you convince your friends, families and colleagues that they can spare £10 per month to improve children’s lives? If so then all you need to do is

Set up a Direct Debit using the following details, or contact us and ask for a form.

Account Name:          free@last

Account Number:      62739739

Sort Code:                  40-47-11

Obviously people can give more or less, but whatever you can offer will be massively appreciated – and if you are a tax payer the Government will add an additional 25p per pound to our account.

Want to donate a one off or use Just Giving?

Visit our Just Giving page (link below) and here you can donate an amount specified by you, from £1 upwards

Go to Just giving


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