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Unique Climbing Wall Feature

We are very happy to have our own climbing wall at free@last and this has always been a feature that we’ve included in our plans for the new building. Although we are not a commercial climbing wall we have designed the wall with a couple of unique features that will hopefully entice climbers to come and have a go! At 14 metres high we are one, if not the highest wall in the Midlands, but additionall to this we have a unique indoor training wall – which teaches you how to lead climb (place gear) and set up anchors – and we have the sky climb. At 14 metres high, this thing moves! So if you think you are brave enough, especially after watching this video, then give us a call to book your time slot. Cost is £25 per person for an hour, with hour an hour each side for warm up and warm down on the rest of the wall.