Although we focus on improving the lives of children and young people, we recognise the importance of working with the whole family and enabling and equipping each individual member of that family to live a positive and productive life. Whether the family unit is together or separate we provide support and opportunities to help them be a positive influence on each other, particularly the children.

Our particular focus since 1998 has been on fathers. Dads do it too! is a specialist project which has supported dads (or those over 18 years old who care for and have an influence on children) with all aspects of fatherhood. From running arts, computers, photography and bike maintenance for dads and kids, to support dads through the court process and also those in prison, we have worked with hundreds of dads to help them fulfill their role as a father. We have even developed our own training programme to teach other workers the 4 P’s of fatherhood and have delivered courses to hundreds of people around the country.

We don’t just work with dad’s though! Our mentoring project often includes supporting mums and dads, helping them to understand the needs of their children and how they can fulfill those needs effectively. We also run an annual families residential that takes us all away to experience fun and adventure together.