Every penny counts and we really appreciate you supporting free@last. Sometimes deciding what you’re going to do can be the hardest part of raising money, we hope the below will help you to choose how you can best support us..

We hope this has been helpful, if you decide to hold an event then please send all the details to and we will put it on our website.


Have a collection tin in the office and when someone swears, is negative or even says a certain word a donation is made.

If you work in an environment where a uniform of smart clothing is required, a a day where casual clothes, Pyjamas or fancy dress can be worn by the team, for a donation of course. You could also fine those who don’t get involved.

Encourage the team to give up something for a week, month or forever i.e smoking, brought lunch or coffee, alcohol, chocolate etc and either get people to sponsor them or donate the money saved.

Having a good spring clean is always satisfying, so why not take things to the next level and, as a team, take all the items you don’t want to a car boot then donate the takings.

All you need is a Yoga teacher, plastic pint glasses and some alcohol to make this a very enjoyable and stretchy event! Raise money through entry fees, penalties and consequences.

We have plenty of orange money shakers, which you can put on your reception for customers to pop their unwanted change into.


Organise a Golf day, Curry Night, a Race night at the dogs or a family trip to the sea-side.

Organise a disco, a tribute night, a salsa class, or if you have talented members in your team, organise a battle of the bands or karaoke night.

Are you a member of a sports club golf, rugby, football etc., then why not organise half time collections or ask the committee to nominate free@last as their charity of choice. 

Rather than receive presents for your next birthday why not ask family and friends to make a donation in your name.

There are many pre-organised events put on to raise money for charity, at the same time as gaining personal enjoyment and achievement, like marathons, mud-runs, 3 peak challenges. Do a search on Google to find the available opportunities or speak to us for more advice as to what' available.


The Family Fun Zone is located just 10 minutes from Birmingham City Centre, in the footprint of Spaghetti Junction, at the entertainment centre called Star City. It is a great place to bring children and adults of all ages and abilities, all year round. With exciting activities to suit all ages including soft play, pottery painting, archery and target shooting. The Family Fun Zone provides a great place to have fun together, relax and try something different, but very memorable.

The Family Fun Zone’s purpose is to generate an income for free@last, but we also like it because it employs local young people too.


Can you sing, dance or act? Do you fence or box? Can you cook or teach computer skills? There are so many opportunities to get involved, so come and have a chat with us to see how you can join us.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for several different roles, including craft based learning, DJ’ing, teaching in our recording studio, climbing wall instructors, leading a choir, street dance and ballroom dancing – and many more activities. For more information please contact us.


Many businesses are choosing to offer their support to one “chosen ” charity per year, and offer a variety of support to them – from organising fundraising events to spending time with the charity’s beneficiaries. The key to having a chosen charity is to discuss at the start of the relationship, what each side’s needs are and how both can mutual benefit.


You may want to qualify the return on your investment with a financial figure, enabling you to promote your actual impact on society, as you ‘purchase’ one of ‘products’. This is a new way of sponsoring / financially supporting us, and we’d be delighted to send you our brochure or you could download one below.


free@last differs from what may be considered as the traditional charity model, as we are passionate about creating our own sustainable income from businesses that we run. Currently we have two business, (The Family Fun Zone and Brum Ting) that are run purposefully to create an income to fund the work done by free@last. This is not to say that we don’t need donations, but that we don’t solely rely on them and aim to generate the income needed to fund all our staffing from the business profit we earn.

You can donate either by setting up a direct debit or via our Just Giving Page.

Direct Debit Details

Account Name: free@last
Account Number: 02386062
Sort Code: 40-47-11

CLUB 3000

This is a unique Club for those who want to set up monthly giving to support us. We recognise the needs of our donors and meet them all through this Club, regular monthly updates from one of our young people, saying thank you and telling you how your donation haas been spent; a stylish lapel badge and a membership card that gives you discount from over 30 businesses. Finally, we hold bi-monthly gatherings in one of our venues, to bring the members together to celebrate our work and successes. If you want to know more, click on Join The Club above or email for more info.