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Young Entrepreneurs

Our group of young entrepreneurs have spent several months learning how to make jewellery – earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. – and having created some unique products we spent 2 days on a market stall on Sutton high street. The journey we are on to teach these young people the skills to run their own business and earn their own legitimate money isn’t just about making the products! The skills we worked on this weekend included setting the stall out (appearance and presentation of the products), how to talk to onlookers and potential buyers, what our unique selling points are, how to close a sale and income/expenditure. We also discussed how else we can sell the products and where online sales could play a part. All of this was useful time to catch up with the young people and discuss a wide variety of subjects and share breakfast together. Our special thanks go to Sarah for organising and spending the day on the stall, for Jason and Mark from Berts & Gerts for the stall and for the guys at Crucial Sauce for their help too.


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Decorations and Panto

We were given the opportunity to have a decorated Christmas tree in Lichfield Cathedral this year, to raise our profile further afield. The queens of decor were Cheryl and Sarah, who organised and made an array of free@last festive decorations, supported by the craft specialists Berts & Gerts, and helped by our little elves. Thank you all for your amazing hard work and making this wonderful.


This year we’ve been blessed with donated tickets to 2 pantomimes. The first was taking 24 from our secondary youth club to see a Christmas Carol at the Alexander Theatre and the second was taking 30 mum’s, dads and kids to see Youth on Stage perform Sleeping Beauty at the Dove House Theatre.

Both performances were delivered by amateur dramatic companies, but you wouldn’t think it as they were absolutely amazing, full of great acting, singing, humour and brilliant theatrical performances. We all had an amazing time and are deeply thanking to Chris and James for donating the tickets, and Richard for driving, thank you.

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